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Carlo Liviero Children’s Home is a charitable organization in Embu District under the Diocese of Embu, committed to the care and protection of Children in difficult circumstances we welcome street boys, orphans and needy children. The Home “started on 7th May 1992. Since then a number of boys have been rehabilitated in Carlo Liviero Children’s Home .

Our Mission is to remove Children from the streets and in the process of rehabilitation provide care, protection and education and, after the necessary formation, integrate them to the family and society as per the plan of God.

To assist the Institution other projects have started: “Carlo Liviero Primary School” in 1993, and “Geltrude Dispensary” in 1996.

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Since we opened doors for the needy many children have passed through Carlo Liviero Home

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What is Child Development?
Child development refers to the sequence of physical, language, thought and emotional changes that occur in a