Geltrude Dispensary

“Geltrude Dispensary” since 1996.


To provide cost-effective quality health care to all people regardless of gender, religion, and status.



To promote and provide sound curative and rehabilitative health care services with an emphasis on professionalism, innovations and use of new technologies expressing the Mercyful love of God to the sick.



  • we encourage staff initiative and involvement by creating an opportunity for our people to learn and grow
  • we are an open organization that encourages seeking out and incorporating feedback from our clients and stakeholders.
  • we are satisfied with nothing less than the very best we do and will always endeavour to provide timely services geared towards our client’s satisfaction.



we are committed to:-

  • provide quality health care and rehabilitative services
  • providing privacy to our clients during the time of care
  • provision of accurate information to our clients and the general public on demand
  • treat all our clients without any discrimination irrespective of gender, race or religious beliefs.
  • maintaining privacy and confidentiality to our client’s information
  • receiving feedback from our clients and stakeholders and using the views to improve the quality of service offered



  1. Consultation
  2. Laboratory services
  3. Full-pack pharmacy
  4. Guidance, consulting and testing
  5. MCH
  6. PMTCT
  7. Ultrasound services
  8. IMCI
  9. Dental
  10. OPD services including dressing and injections


Geltrude dispensary is now an NHIF accredited health care facility; if you are an NHIF member, or a declared dependent (Spouse and children) is the high time you choose Geltrude dispensary for the outpatient services

Some of our facilities

Our Facilities